Sunday, June 21, 2009

All of these new sites!

Well I feel like I have learned so much over the last six weeks. I never knew all of these sites existed. I have to say I like Plaxo much better than LinkedIn. I like how you can pick what category your connections go into. This helps you know who belongs where and how to keep classmates separate from friends if you want to have a class group separate. I was not into LinkedIn very much, but I set it up like we needed. I don't think I will continue to use that site too much. I did actuallly find a friend that had Plaxo and I had no idea so it was nice to get in touch with her through the new site.
I like the google pages a lot. I have enjoyed working on my online portfolio. It would have been a lot easier if we were still teaching because almost all of my work files are on my computer at school. I was able to find some field day papers that had been emailed and some lessons that I had done at the begining of the school year to upload to the page. I think I could add a lot more to it once I was back at work because I could put an example of an entire unit that I use during the school year. I think I will keep this up and use it if I have to leave schools and interview somewhere. Thanks for teaching us all of these great tools! I look forward to trying a few new things next year!!!!

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