Thursday, June 4, 2009


I thought this site was interesting. I got very different results when I looked up Kinesiology in the different areas. The blogs had a lot of medical posts. This site can be helpful to us to learn information about most any topic. I like the fact that you can read a blog or watch a video about a topic. I am amazed at how much we can learn on a site by just typing in a word or a short phrase. This site gives you tons of information that we could possibly pull up and use in the classroom or when we are planning a lesson. I found a few PE blogs about general info that were all connected to kinesiology and exercise. Technorati is a neat site that does a good job of organizing blogs. I am new to blogging so I am only used to what we have done in class. This site does a great job of sharing people's thoughts and ideas and I think we could learn a little from other people's blogs on this site just like we do on our class sites.

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