Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I think this site can be very helpful, but I am not one for saving a lot of favorites. I could make my life a lot easier if I had them all saved and then organized like I could do on this site. Now that I am just using my laptop for my school work I save the sites under my favorites since I can access them when I am doing school work or looking something up. I guess when I go back to work it will not be so easy since I won't have my laptop at work to look up the sites. This would be a great site to have at school to organize the sites by lessons that I find or by different PE categories. If I was doing a research project then would be a great site to use to keep my info organized. I think teachers can use this to share sites with other teachers. I always feel like teachers don't share lessons and websites like we should! We even have a county site with lessons, but the lessons on there are pretty much the ones they make us do at inservice meetings. Maybe we can make some progress as a class if we start sharing sites with each other that can benefit us in the classroom. Then we could take that info back to our schools and counties.

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  1. I will be utilizing in the same manner of which you spoke about. I have been given a task by one of the professors at the University of Guam (UOG) to collect and summarize relevant websites for her students to use in her "Child and Development" and "Multicultural SPED" courses for future research projects. In starting my research, I found one site that I immediately found interesting and put on my Google Reader. I plan to continue to use this site for myself too.