Tuesday, June 2, 2009

YouTube Thoughts

I think this site has a lot of great videos, but it is not something I would use to let my students search on in school. I think it has to be monitored very closely so the students do not come across something inapropriate. I picked a soccer clip because it was pretty funny. I think if I spent some more time on the site I could find some useful videos to pull up in the begining of class for a demonstration. This could be a part of a PE website if we put some clips of our students doing a specific skill, playing a game or maybe participating in field day. There are a lot of things that would have to fall into place to be able to post students online, but if we just used students that were allowed to be photographed we could make a few useful videos. We could also make videos that could be used the following year for demonstrations. I did this one year with a VCR tape for gymnastics skills because I had a gymnast in one of my classes who was much better at demonstrating than I was. If I did it now I could save it to my computer or put it on YouTube with parental permission so other teachers could use the video. It would be nice to have access to videos related to PE that we could pull up real quick for a lesson. We have a county PE site with lots of lessons, but having video clips to demonstrate skills or strategies would be nice to have especially for the skills (like lacrosse) that I am still learning!

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