Thursday, May 28, 2009

How can I use technology in my career and in the future?

When we started this class I thought I knew a lot about technology. I have quickly learned that I know about different areas of technology. This class has opened my eyes to using the internet to make my life easier. The microblogging is taking some getting used to, but it is an easy way to see what people are doing without having to pick up the phone and call. I have already talked with the other PE teacher at my school and we are planning on blogging our newsletters next year. We hope to get our website up and running this summer for PE so we can use some of the new technology to communicate with parents and students. I teach at the elementary level so I am not sure that I will use Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace in the classroom. I have also been thinking about using audacity to record the lessons each day. Students that missed class could click on the link that had the lesson for the day online and they could hear what was taught while they were gone. We have had a few students miss weeks or months at a time with health issues and being able to record the classes would have still prepared them for the standardized PE tests that we have to give to 3rd and 5th grade students. A lot of times when students are not dressed properly or they are injured they sit out and do an assignment related to the unit or they read an article or book. I am thinking that these students could now post a blog about what they learned from the outside of the class when they are injured. They could also blog about how the students can remain safe during the lesson. I think there are many directions that we could go with microblogging in PE class. One of the issues I am concerned with is keeping the students safe on the internet. Another issue I have is I am on medical leave from work so I do not know if I can open these sites at school right now. This could impact what I use at school because it may be more difficult to keep a weekly blog from home because I would have to remember to post every week. Hopefully we can access some of these sites from school. I also have to talk to my principal to make sure she is okay with us using microblogging in the classroom and to communicate with people. We have used audacity in school so I know she is supportive of that!! I am looking forward to hopefully going back this fall to try some of these new pieces of technology.

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