Saturday, May 23, 2009

IHow Microblogging can be used in the classroom and in the future!

I am a fan of Facebook. This probably only the 6th or 7th month I have been on and it is a great way to find old friends. Facebook has gotten a lot of my high school graduating class together and now they are planning our 10 year reunion using Facebook to contact people. As for twitter, I am new with this and I am not sure if I am a huge fan of it. I think if I was going to use twitter or blogger in school then I would use blogger. It would be a great way for PE teachers in our county or anywhere to share lessons and bounce ideas off of each other. I think technology is moving forward very rapidly and we as teachers need to try to incorporate more of these things in our classrooms and programs. The blogger would be a great way to communicate with parents and tell them what unit you are on that week or what activities are coming up. It could be a link off of our school website and it would be a lot easier to update than to send out newsletters and replyto a lot of emails. Our school is always trying to save paper so I think I may have to try blogger next year to inform the parents and staff about what is going on in our program.

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