Saturday, May 23, 2009

Social Networking

I think it is so true that technology has come a long way. When I was in high school all we had was AOL IM and dial up internet. Now we have wireless internet and tons of other options for social networking. I think back to when I was in college on 9/11. We were not able to get in touch with people in DC on their cell phones. This was difficult because I had friends that went to school very close to the Pentagon and I had no idea if all was well with them. Now that we have more options like MySpace and Facebook it would be easier to check someone's profile to see how they are doing on a daily basis and in case of an emergency. I think that the newer technology still needs work just like the issues that came up at VT and during other emergencies, but we are well on our way to working out the issues to make it so people can communicate quickly. The internet has not had too many major problems yet so hopefully it will keep up the speed and ability to allow people to network with each other. I am sure as we move on we will have even better ways to keep in touch with people especially during an emergency.

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