Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My first crazy story from PE

One day I was in the middle of teaching a PE lesson. We had all of the students sitting close to the TV as we reviewed the information for Jump Rope for Heart. All of a sudden a student yelled out, "Who lost their underwear?". I ran and got a paper towel to pick the underwear up from the floor. While I was gone the students decided they were going to find out who the underwear belonged to. As I stood in front of them they began showing their classmates the top of their underwear to show that they had not lost their underwear. We removed the underwear from the gym and had to calm the students down so we could continue with our PE lesson. It was an interesting lesson and one that I will never forget.

1 comment:

  1. Picture this...kindergarten students sitting in a group setting. One of them stands, he who is wearing a cute matching shirt and short outfit. As he stands three seperate pieces of poop come rolling out of his shorts. He says nothing but stands there with what I would have thought is a look of constapation, however, can't be since he already took care of business.